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Leon Brown, John and Deborah Newcomb, Majid Majidian, William and Roberta Isgreen, Kirk Clothier, Karen Schoen, Souror Baetjer, Nancy Gilbert, Rollin Chew, Edwin L. Chew Family Trust, Bernard Gutow as Trustee of the Gutow Family Trust dtd 10/28/1991, all individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated,


Norman Gary Price and Christina A. Price; Ronald J. Robertson and Kathryn Robertson; RP Capital, LLC; Douglas R. Bean and Megan Susanne Bean; S. Christopher Bean and Jodi J. Bean; Bean Holdings, LLC; Jonathan Bishopp and Monica Bishopp; Timothy J. Feehan, Jr. and Kimberly A. Feehan; Strategic Capital Alternatives LLC; and SCA Holdings LLC

In the United States District Court for the State of Oregon

Case No. 3:17-cv-00869

UPDATE:  We have processed the distribution in this matter on March 13, 2018. Please allow at least 10-business days from the date of mailing for settlement checks to arrive at your home. If you did not receive your check, please contact the Settlement Administrator at info@scgpagrecovery.com.  

Your rights may be affected by the legal proceedings in this action if you:

Purchased or renewed and continue to hold Aequitas Investments when you were a client of Strategic Capital Group ("SCG"), Private Advisory Group ("PAG") or RP Capital, LLC ("RP Capital") and made your purchase or renewal upon the advice or recommendation of SCG, PAG or RP Capital.

The Class does not include the defendants or their respective managers, members, officers, directors and/or employees.  The Class also does not include any of the Aequitas affiliated companies, and their officers, directors, board members, advisors, agents, employees, and affiliates, and the immediate family members of each of them.

What is this Lawsuit About?

Plaintiffs purchased Aequitas Investments from investment adviser representatives at SCG and PAG. The Plaintiffs allege that they hired PAG or SCG and their representatives to provide objective investment advice. Plaintiffs allege that the defendants acted wrongfully in offering and selling the Aequitas Investments by failing to adequately disclose the risks of the investments and failing to disclose the defendants’ relationship with Aequitas. Plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against control persons and investment advisor representatives of SCG and PAG, and RP Capital, which plaintiffs allege assisted in the Aequitas sales.

Defendants vehemently deny each and all of the material allegations made against them, and believe that they have valid defenses against every alleged claim. The defendants enter into this agreement to avoid the expense and inconvenience of litigation.

For more information about the lawsuit, please refer to the Notice and other Court documents on the Case Documents tab.